90 Day Quick Start



I get it!! Job lost to COVID, can’t get another, now what? Why not give running a business a crack? After all you have the skills, the idea but how do you launch?

Or perhaps you’re an existing business, you’ve diversified, and your relaunch is just not working?

If you relate to the above keep on reading…

Some of the most successful businesses have been launched out of times of depression and chaos because these times present opportunities for new ideas to be solved.

Our 90-day Quick Start Launch Program eliminates all the uncertainty around transiting from career employee to business owner if you’re just starting out. If you’re an existing business relaunching, we help you discover why its not working and fix it.

So how do we do this?

In 90 days, we:

  • Find your target market sample and test your idea viability with them. Not some half-baked survey, real research complete with focus groups.
  • Discover consumer expectations, what influences their buyer decisions and what their needs are in relation to your idea. No more second-guessing flying blind.
  • Complete a thorough competitor investigation to establish market trends and find your point of difference. Forget reinventing the wheel to tap into the current trends.
  • Provide recommendations from the feedback that builds a roadmap to launch. Finally, you will save money that would have spent through trial and error.
  • I personally project manage your launch overseeing everything from set up through to launch. No, you’re not on your own.
  • Access to our trusted, results driven CAT team, individual business owners whose skills and expertise has launched and re-launched many successful business ideas. Everything you need in one place.

Its exciting to start a business but risky at the same time as we don’t know how the market is chopping and changing.

Don’t second guess the market! Start your new business launch safely with the Marg’s agency by your side. Talk to Marg…

Sound good?

Whilst you’re here why not download my free CATS Quick Starter Guide: For Jobseekers Wanting to Escape Centrelink Queues to Start their own Business.