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The right experience at the right time when you need it most

Marg Lange and her Change Agency Team (CAT) members bring a combined total of 40+ years of experience with assisting start-ups, launching businesses and re-establishing businesses who wish to rebrand and relaunch.

Marg Lange Change Agency was established late 2019 when a gap in the market presented itself with enquiries from business owners who wanted to launch a business idea but didn’t know how to do it and who to contact.

Depending on the business challenge presented, Marg will assess your needs and then recommend which CAT member you need to ensure that when you are ready to launch, everything is covered.

We come from the belief that if you are going to launch a new business idea, then start with how you would like to finish by ensuring everything is in place.

How we work with you

Firstly, Marg will meet with you to get clear on your vision, your goals and the outcomes you would like to achieve through the launch.

Marg then suggests which CAT members she feels you will need to meet to discuss your project launch or re-launch. Marg will then put you in touch with each member.

Upon discussions with the CAT members you can decide to engage one or all of them depending on how you feel that they understand and can deliver on your expectations. The control of who you engage in your business launch always remains in your hands.

Throughout the entire business launch Marg is the Project Manager that drives the delivery and the management of all the selected CATs involved to ensure they are keeping to the agreed goals, expectations and outcomes. Despite Marg’s position as a Project Manager, you will be the one who is the ultimate decision-maker.

Marg is the bridge between you and the CAT Members to ensure there are no miscommunications.

Our Promise

Our promise is that the Marg Lange Change Agency will ‘over’ deliver to your expectations.

Therefore, if you decide to not engage all of the CAT Agency Members in any given project, we cannot be held responsible for anything that is outside our control that may affect the delivery of the launch to the deadline set and the expectations you have.

The CAT members are a cohesive group that have worked on many business launches with successful outcomes and delighted business owners.

The Change Agency Advantage

The advantage you will have in engaging with the Marg Lange Agency Team will be that you will tap into the CAT Business Directory of their connections to fast track your success.

As you start to work with the CAT members, simply tell them who you need to meet and why and consider that a done deal.

Marg Lange Agency Opening Doors to Opportunity

Who is Marg Lange?

A tradie’s daughter, a mother, a successful businesswoman, a friend, a teacher, a change agent, a super-connector, a network specialist, an action taker and a coach. There are many ways to describe me but let’s talk about the journey that lead me to establishing Marg Lange Change Agency.

My small business experience started 25 years ago, working out of the family home. Together with my husband I grew the company to be one of the best event management small businesses in Melbourne. But nothing could have prepared me for the personal struggle I would face with my family.

“I lived through it.”

Our family business thrived until September 11th, 2001, when the New York stock market fell, and the business was badly affected. A cash flow crisis resulted and ultimately triggered our divorce and the liquidation of my family’s business. Fast forward 2018. Another devastation. This time having just launched Real Tradies Wives in 2016, I suffered an adversarial cyber-attack at the time the business was just starting to flourish. It forced me to close the doors on my Real Tradies Wives business.

Back on top!

Today, I utilize the valuable lessons I’ve learned to help other small business owners. I know firsthand the difficulties of cash flow and the stress it puts on small business owners, family businesses and business partnerships.

I successfully launched Fifo Capital Bayside business and built a network of referral partners from scratch in an industry where I knew no-one.. I launched the Real Tradies Wives of Melbourne, which saved tradie’s marriages by addressing the business problems and inner demons that all contribute to the stressors tradies couples face. And now I am launching again.

“Starting again, something had to change.”

My lightbulb moment came October 2019 when I realised that the flow of steady work, leads popping up without me trying (all the things a start-up has difficulty with in the first 12 months) came from letting go of the attachment to the outcome.

As I changed, my results changed.

Marg Lange

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