The Relaunch Package


Our world is in turmoil so the next decision you make is critical. It will determine if your pivot & relaunch catapults or caves.

Your next move hinges on ONE thing – Human Psychology and Relationships.

Your self -awareness is a paramount to understanding how you’re showing up, conducting yourself and interacting online as it  determines how you’re perceived. Your ability to build relationships to meet the right connections to move you along “safely” through this next unknown period will be more important than ever.

Consumer buying behaviour and market trends will all depend on a “people strategy” so you can navigate unchartered  waters, not second guessing

From Survival to Relaunch Change Program

The 12-month subscription to our “Superconnector” Membership gives you access to the platform from which we run our “From Survival to Relaunch” Change Program.

As a Member you will receive the following benefits:

1. 90-day Quick Start Program Intensive Deep dive:

  • Clarity – where your business is now in relation to a market scan which will reveal where the market is heading, thinking, behaving.
  • Insight and Validation – Full research of your new idea through market testing and connecting to industry experts to obtain the best insider information to guide your decisions and plan of action.
  • Expert Business Launch Team Support – A 90-day boost of expertise from our Change Agency Team who will implement the rebuild and relaunch of your business.

2. Superconnector Academy Access:

  • Interpersonal skill development courses with coaching. Learn how to network, build relationships, become your own powerhouse of influence with superior negotiation skills.
  • Network Strategy Plan to guide you where to put your focus to meet ‘Key People of influence’.
  • Access to our “little Black Book” of Powerful Connections introductions from us to save you time looking for the people you need to meet to fast track your relaunch.
  • More customers through tapping into our Client Attraction and Persuasion Strategist Formula.

3. Our Power Circle Community

  • Invitations to events online and offline to meet and mix with Industry movers and shakers both nationally and globally.
  • Assurance that as part of a Superconnector Academy graduation you will join a like-minded woman who have graduated who will continue to connect and introduce you to their connections to build a powerful circle of connections.
  • Chat groups, information briefings, webinars and forums that will keep each graduate in touch with the community.
  • Opportunity for you to become a Superconnector Power Circle leader in your area.

Will deliver you a complete project- managed, fully-fledged ‘Pivot and Relaunch Change’ System complete with support, resources, introductions that will drive your relaunch.

The investment in yourself is GOLD. YOU as a Superconnector, will become your own marketing machine, influencing and negotiating anything you want.