The Superconnector Caoching Program


The Rise of the SuperConnector

Why SuperConnectors Never Worry About the Next Sale!

And HOW You Can Legally STEAL the Networking Secrets of Influencers & Become the NEW In-Demand Expert on the Block…

Even if You’re New in Business or Don’t Have Support… And Without Having to Be a Total Douchebag, Resort to Sleazy Networking Strategies or Beg People to Like, Trust & Refer You.

When You Rank High on the Trust Scale, Sales Never STOP!

In just 8 weeks you get to:

  • Increase your confidence to converse online and offline with a result of a lead, a referral or a sale
  • Become the SuperConnector that connects with people effortlessly in a COVID world. People are highly sensitive. You don’t know what they are thinking, feeling or going to do next.
  • Enjoy an increased flow of leads and sales, without having to pitch or sell
  • Remove pressure from the sales process. No more cold calling or pretending to be someone you’re not
  • Have more meaningful personal and business relationships, because more people will readily like, know and trust you…And an increase the satisfaction of having organised relationships and sleep better at night, because you’re not on your phone trawling social media in the hopes that your next lead will show up
  • Open doors to influential connections. People will love doing favours for you, provide resources for you and give you insider information that will give you the edge.
  • Become the person others look up to and become your own lead magnet.
  • Benefit from having more fun building your business and not being attached to an outcome. Which means you’re less likely to show up as stressed, anxious, needy or fake.

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“The Rise of the SuperConnector”

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Inspiring Leaders LLC (New York, USA)

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